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Same Awesome Parasail, New Hilton Head Location

Hilton Head Island is well-known as a hotspot for water sports and fun, regardless of the season. However, summertime is a boomer for the island, as thousands of guests flock to the seashores and waters in hopes of catching some sweet waves and soaking up some good ole’ South Carolina sunshine. Splashing in the waves and having some fun on the water is a MUST when you visit the island, but there are loads of activities that can make your vacation all the better.

For instance, Island Head Watersports offers an extraordinary parasail experience in Hilton Head—all for varied ages and experience ranges. And, while their experiences rank as some of the best on the island, their parasailing adventure outshines all others. Read on for more info on Island Head Watersports parasailing and their other great adventures.


Once residing at Helmsman Way in Hilton Head Island, this awesome crew of adventuresome go-getters have a new location at: 43 Jenkins Road. Operating out of Hilton Head Harbor, the crew is the same bunch of awesome people, but the location offers a new perspective on beautiful Hilton Head Island surroundings when guests delve into Island Head Watersport’s repertoire of unique, inspired activities.


Parasailing can be an exhilarating experience, regardless of if you’ve ever tried it or not. It’s an experience that never gets old, so guests are encouraged to keep coming back for new sights. The fuss, or hype, about Hilton Head Island parasailing is definitely the views, as you soar over 500-feet in the air. From these heights, you can see panoramic, beautiful views of surrounding islands, wildlife, and the crystalline waters below.



An Island Head, as defined by Island Head Watersports, are locals and travelers that love adrenaline rushes, passion-fueled adventures, and freedom. These people are kindred spirits, taking the time to participate with others in something that they truly, genuinely love. Regardless of if it’s just for a single day, or a lifetime, Island Heads strive to bring happiness into their lives via things that make them think, move, feel, and interact.

Anyone can be an Island Head—no matter if it’s your first time visiting Hilton Head Island or your hundredth time. If you have the passion and love for the freedom of the seashores and adrenaline-spiked adventures, then you are well on your way to being one already.



The years have been kind to Island Head Watersports, and thousands of guests have had positive, memorable experiences here—especially with parasailing. That said, these same guests have expressed their positive thoughts and feelings on their experiences via social media networks and online review platforms.

Here are a few great reviews about Island Head Watersports, the cool staff, and fun activities:

M.M.W. from Atlanta, Georgia commented, “my wide and I took our two kids parasailing for the first time. It was a great bonding experience as a family. We went out over Palmetto Bay, and we were flown up 2 at a time. The kids LOVED it. It was really cool once you were up there, especially because it was a clear day and we could see all the different seashores and islands. The crew were friendly, and this was a fun, new activity for us and the kids.”

 M. Catt wrote, “My son and husband decided to parasail for the first time. We happened upon this place by chance, and my daughter and I decided to be observers instead of parasailers. The crew was accommodating and very friendly, and their knowledge of Hilton Head Island was impressive. They made it a very informed and entertaining ride for ALL of us, even though some of us didn’t actually parasail. We got a ton of great pictures, and the boys had a blast.”

BMT Tripps from Atlanta, Georgia writes, “I take my family to Hilton Head Island every year and one of our favorite activities is the Island Head Watersports parasail. The other companies are too blah and commercial. The guides at Island Head were informative, fun, and engaging—overall awesome. This year I took my two 16-year old boys on our trip, and we all had an absolute blast. Great fun—must-go place for parasailing.”



Scheduling a reservation at Island Head Watersports for a fun experience or adventure is simple. Snag your phone when you decide on the best time and give the crew a call at 843.686.4386. Or, if you’re in the area, you can try to catch one of the crew at their new location: 43 Jenkins Road, which is out of Hilton Head Harbor on the North End of Hilton Head Island.

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