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First Time Parasailing Trip

When we visit Hilton Head, we normally find ourselves into the same routine, as if we have never left. We stay at the same place, find ourselves at the same restaurants, hang out at the same part of the beach, bikes, outlets, and so on. This year my family and I wanted to try something a little out of the box from our normal “Hilton Head Life.” We decided on parasailing!

My husband got online and booked our parasailing adventure! We went with Island Head Watersports, out of Hilton Head Harbor. The children had a million questions leading up to our trip, and my husband and I really didn’t have the answers since we where newbies to the activity as well. To say I didn’t share the same hesitations as the children would be a lie.

Two days later we checked in for our trip about 20 minutes before the boat left. The crew then came and got us from the waiting area and off we went to the boat! The crew was extremely nice and after the small talk got straight to business with going over the safety procedures. They let the children ask questions and I could see a sense of calm come over the children.

When the parasailing began, we went up two at a time. We took off from the back of the boat, and went off into the air at a fairly slow speed. It ended up being a much more relaxing sense then what we where all expecting. Once up in the air, the views where incredible! There is no real elevation on Hilton Head or any of the surrounding land masses so we could see for miles and miles. On the way in the Captain dipped our feet in the water then shot us back up into the air, before pulling us back into the same spot on the back of the boat where we took off.

Overall it was a great experience for myself and family. The entire staff at Island Head Watersports, made us feel very welcomed and safe. This just might be the next thing we add to our Hilton Head routine, until next time.

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