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Awesome Season, New Discoveries on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island is a booming traveler destination for explorers, adventurers, families, sun worshipers, and relaxed vacationers alike. There are dozens of fun things to do, amazing things to see, and we have had an awesome summer with loads of fantastic, new discoveries at Island Head Watersports.  Closed through Spring 2018.


Here at Island Head Watersports, we have a genuine passion and a deep love for the water, the salt marshlands, and Hilton Head Island itself. We have had a chance to see and meet so many wonderful people this year—many from different states, or even a few different countries. This season has been an absolute blast with shared explorations and adventures for our guests.

★★★★★  Tim D. from Hilton Head, South Carolina, wrote, “We took the whole family, including three teen girls, a mom and dad, and an 80-year-old grandma. Everyone had a blast and the experience was amazing. We went parasailing, floating high above the water, seeing for miles around. Our crew was helpful and experienced, patient with those that needed extra help. They were willing to answer any question, and of course, focused on our safety—not just of those in the boat, but for everyone else on the water.”

★★★★★  K. Buckner from Manson, North Carolina, said, “We opted for the awesome Jet Ski Experience. Our instructor was very polite and accommodating. Loved seeing the places Forrest Gump was filmed. The creek was smooth, the bay was more challenging but nice. Great company with great employees. Will be back.”

★★★★★  B.M. Tripps, an Atlanta, Georgia native, had this to say, “I take my family to Hilton Head every year and our annual activity is parasailing. Island Head Watersports is by the best company we’ve used. The guides at Island Head were fun, engaging, informative, and awesome. Our 16-year-olds had an absolute blast. Great fun!”



Island Head Watersports specializes in parasails, paddleboards, jet skis, and banana boat rides, and each event is high-energy for a nice, thrilling adrenaline boost. From high-flyers, to navigating the waters at top speeds, many of our guests have been afraid, at first, of the adventures we offer. However, after a thorough, extensive, comprehensive introduction to the activity of their choice, they faced their fears and had heaps of fun. Everyone leaves with a grin plastered on their face and an experience to talk about for years to come.



The team at Island Head Watersports braved another significant storm late this season, Hurricane Irma. Unlike Hurricane Matthew last year, Palmetto Bay Marina was lucky not suffer the devastation and damage as before. “We’re already using limited dock space since Hurricane Matthew washed most of it away.”, says Partner, Michael Withrow. “We did have some water damage from Irma in our ticket office from the extreme high tides, but overall, our staff and equipment was safe.”



As the cooler weather heads to South Carolina, the team at Island Head Watersports bids you a temporary farewell as we close for the onset of chilled temperatures. Withrow says, “We use the off-season perform equipment maintenance and as well as additional training and certifications.” We cannot wait to get back out on the water in Spring and Summer. Every year is better than the last—and that’s saying something since every year has, thus far, been fantastic for our IHW crew and our guests.


Lovin’ the idea of adventure with Island Head Watersports? When our season rolls around again in April, give us a call at 1.843.686.4386 to book a reservation. Island Head Watersports, located on Hilton Head Island, seated on 86 Helmsman Way, is a South Carolina must-visit. You can keep up-to-date with the latest goings-on with Island Head Watersports via Facebook and Instagram. You can even share your feedback and experiences on TripAdvisor!

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