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Why We Choose Solace SUP Boards!

Back in 2015, I noticed a Kickstarter campaign via social media for Solace Sup Boards.  I had never heard of the company and was curious to find out more.  In order to create more buzz about their product, they were doing a raffle; if you shared their page and liked you’d be entered in to win a hemp board bag along with matching paddle bag.  Having never won anything my life, I wasn’t banking on being the prizewinner.  Lo and behold a few days later I received a private message from Rich Price, Founder, letting me know that I had won! This started the conversation between Solace Sup Board and Island Head Watersports!

Upon, receiving my hemps bags, I was super impressed with the look and quality.  They’ve combined an innovative aluminum-cooling shield with breathable eco hemp fabric making for ultra durable and protective storage.   I was soon eager to find out more about Solace products.  Rich and I had shared a few emails in regards to the products I had won and he struck be as a stellar guy and business owner who really cares about his customers, products and the environment.

As our 2016 season commenced, we were excited to introduce Stand-Up-Paddle Boarding to our fleet.   We decided that we were going to add SUP Guided Tours and SUP Yoga classes to our repertoire of activities.   Naturally we began to look and price out different SUP companies and their products.  We didn’t have to search long or hard before realizing that Solace Sup Boards was the choice.  I reached out to Rich and we immediately began selecting boards appropriate for our fleet.

The Nosara board is one of the main models we have in our fleet.  It is a 10.6 All Around Model specifically suited for SUP Yoga and Fitness.   The next model we chose was the Regatta, an 11.6 All Around Model.  We also tested waters with the Pura Vida.  Still an All Around 10.6 model but a little narrower than the Nosara.  We of course completed out fleet with adjustable Versa model carbon fiber paddles.  It was like Christmas morning, the day we received our shipment!  We were all stoked to get out there and paddle!

Each board was meticulously crafted.  From the color choice to the bamboo reinforced deck, retractable handle and grippy cork deck pad, not note was missed.   The craftsmanship and design supersedes anything out there.  Rich had certainly concocted the ultimate building and design team to execute flawless perfection.



Each model effortlessly glides on top of the water with ease and grace.  The weight and shape of each board makes for an incredibly sturdy and buoyant ride. It’s as if you are floating on top of the water. The word Solace really does embody the product to its fullest: Comfort, Support, relief, soothe and clam.   And the most important part… Our customers LOVE the boards! They are always super impressed with the look, quality, and overall ride.

We couldn’t be happier with our fleet of Solace boards and our overall experience with Solace SUP Boards and Rich Price.  Rich is an innovative, easygoing and honest dude and it has been a pleasure working with him.  He is always quick to respond and shows much excitement and passion for the products he puts out there!   Island Head Watersports is an Ambassador Solace Sup Boards and we would be stoked to help anyone who is interested in purchasing or just testing the waters on a Solace SUP Board. There’s no way but the Solace Way!

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