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Want to Experience a New Adventure? Stand Up Paddle. Give it a Try!

Located at 86 Helmsman Way on Hilton Head in South Carolina, we at Island Head Watersports are dedicated to your new experiences, explorations, and adventures. We want you to have the utmost fun on your vacations. And if you get a stellar adrenaline rush while having a great time, then so be it. While we offer a plethora of awesome water sports, one of our most popular activities involves a paddle board and a stretch of calm waters.


Paddle boarding is an excellent form of exercise that works every muscle in your body. You use your core muscles to maintain balance and keep upright on the board, while your legs hold you steady, and your arms ensure a smooth, strong push forward with the paddle. Considered low impact, many paddle boarders initially got into paddle boarding with fitness in mind. The movements and maintenance of strong stability builds your strength and tones your muscles.

Paddle boarding is for all ages. But we at Island Head Watersports recommend that kids be at least 12 years of age before taking a paddle board lesson and tour. Children of this age, and older, generally have better command and control over their bodies, so they will be able to pick up balance and stability quicker.

When you paddle board, either alone or with a guide, a sense of calm and serenity washes over you. There you are, standing tall on a board in open waters, paddle in hand, and relaxation flowing through your body. You have complete control over your destination in that moment. You can go anywhere, and there is so much to see. You could spend hours cruising the water at a smooth, flawless glide that takes you around Hilton Head Island.

Paddle boarding offers you a new perspective on the world from the water. Usually, when you glide across the water, it’s in a boat or something where you sit down. You stand for the majority of time when you’re on a paddle board, so you get to see things from different angles. Instead of trying to look through marsh reeds, you could see overtop of them to the wonders and beauties that lie on the other side.


Our paddle boarding tours last for an hour after departure from Palmetto Bay Marina docks. We teach you all of the basic of paddle boarding within that hour, from how to keep your balance, to how to move quickly and effortlessly through the water with a single stroke. We even teach you how to use the natural water currents to your advantage, as well as safety rules that you should definitely follow when using a paddle board.

On our one-hour tour, you will see the gorgeous marshlands of Broad Creek and surrounding Hilton Head Island. Look for the natural habitats of marshland animals. Or, look to the waters for a variety of fish and mammals, such as manatees, bottlenose dolphins, and nurse shark or two.

If an hour seems too short, you can go with our Stand Up Paddleboard 101 lesson. This tour is 2 hours long and goes more in depth with balance, stance, paddle strokes, and current changes. The guides will even teach you how to use paddle boarding as a form of meditation with basic paddle board yoga moves and float-style relaxation. Space is limited for our paddle board lessons and tours, so reserve your spot at $35 per person for a two-hour stint.


Out of the hundreds of visitors to grace us with their presence, several have taken to TripAdvisor to write positive reviews and high praise. You can check it out for an extra boost of inspiration before you book.  Or, check out this review example from Big Al Rob from Madison, Wisconsin.

““Signed up for early morning stand up paddle board yoga, and it was awesome! Not only was it rejuvenating, but we saw a lot of wildlife right next to our boards. I would recommend both SUP yoga and Island Head Watersports for anyone looking to do some activities on the water.”

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