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Ultimate Day

A rainbow parasail hovering over water behind a boat

If you want the ultimate day on the water while visiting Hilton Head Island, we challenge you to go parasailing and rent jet skis on the same day! These are two most popular activities to do while vacationing on Hilton Head. The activities get grouped together for the tourist looking for the thrill and adrenaline rush on the water, but the activities are actually very different.

Parasailing is much more relaxing and peaceful then what the first timer expects. You take off and land off the back of the boat on your backside. You lift off into the air, and experience Hilton Head from a whole different view point. Once you are soaring over the water at 300+ feet, it becomes very peaceful as you are flying high while taking in all the sights the low country has to offer. Parasailing is truly, one of the most unique experiences you can take in while vacationing on Hilton Head Island.

Renting jet skis on Hilton Head, is something you need to do! This is the one activity where you, the customer, has complete control to go at your own speed. You can go zip around at high speeds or tame it down for a more relaxed ride. This is fun for all ages and a great way for mom and dad to scoot the young ones around on the water. Hilton Head offers the Calibougue Sound, which is the perfect body of water to blast through on a jet ski!

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