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Stand Up Paddle Board 101

five paddle boarders by the island

We realize that it is hard for people to make the 2 weekend commitment for this special SUP course so we have decided to modify it to just one day. The SUP 101 course will now just take place Saturday June 10th from 8:30am-10:30.

We will start with SUP basics; building upon the foundations of balance, paddle strokes and body stance. The second part of the course will teach you SUP YOGA basics and end with a short guided meditation as you lie and float effortlessly on your board. The cost for this 2 hour course will be $35 per person! Space is limited so message me if you are interested or visit us at our website to book directly on our website. Look for “Stand up paddle board tours” in our pull down menu of our activities on the booking page and book for June 10th SUP/SUP YOGA 101

Hope to see you out there!!!

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