Change Your Perspective, Parasail HHI


Hilton Head Island, on average, receives over 2.67 million visitors to the Island on an annual basis. And most of those are return visitors with high hopes and higher expectations about the specifics of their Hilton Head vacations. These are the people that have been here before; the ones that know what fun the island can offer.

However, few flock outside of their comfort zones when they venture to Hilton Head Island, meaning that what could be the best of their vacations are often missed. Extreme water sports, for example, are totally in on the island, and locals and guests alike are welcome to dive right into the adrenaline rush of things like parasailing and paddle boarding.


Regardless of your plans on Hilton Head Island, guests are sure to have fun—but it could be twice as much fun to step outside the usual comfort zones. While shopping and dining are absolute must-do experiences, many of which are unique to the island, there is quite a bit of fun to be had elsewhere. Island Head Watersports, for instance, would be an awesome plunge from the norm.



Parasailing Offers a Unique Beautiful View and Perspective of Hilton Head

Parasailing is a relatively popular water and air sport, but few actually know what it is. By definition, parasailing is when you “glide through the air wearing an open parachute while being towed by a motorboat.” The definition either sounds dull or scary, depending on your comfort zones, but Island Head Watersports shucks the definition in favor of their own defining experience.

When you parasail over Hilton Head Island, you get panoramic views of the bays and seashores, while smoothly, securely floating mid-air behind a steady, secure, expert-driven boat. You get a whole new, beautiful perspective of the island, while experiencing something that you can feel good about and remember for years to come.



Safe? Secure? Fun for Entire Families? You Betcha!

Understandably, most people that want to add parasailing to their Hilton Head Island vacation are nervous. Island Head Watersports understands and strives to put their passengers at ease. You can opt to shell out a little extra for a private experience for you and your loved ones. Or, go with a random group of varied ages, from 6 to 12 people. Either way, your departure begins with a speedy boat ride from the marina to the parasail zone in Calibogue Sound.

From there, you and your fellow passengers will take turns learning how to parasail, and then doing just that. You will soar at 500-feet in the air, with wow-worthy views of Hilton Head Island. You’ll see beautiful sea creatures and native wildlife, like bottlenose dolphins, dozens of birds, and sea turtles—and the wind in your hair feels amazing.

The crew follows strict guidelines and safety procedures, all designed to make you feel safe, secure, and at ease. Ergo, this is an experience that everyone should partake in.


Positive Past Reviews and Info for Island Head Watersports

Island Head Watersports has been a go-to for fun and entertainment for quite some time. Hilton Head Island natives and guests alike love the experiences that Island Head Watersports dishes out. And many of those visitors dedicate a few minutes to positive reviews via social media platforms and review sites after their experiences.



With that in mind, here are a few positive reviews about Island Head Watersports parasailing adventures:

D. Davis from Guyton, Georgia wrote, “Fun, fun, fun! The crew was excellent—professional and made everyone feel at ease. I WILL be back. I felt safe, our boat had 7 people, and the ages were all different. The crew did a great job with everything—including meeting everyone’s wishes.”
Kathy K. from Rochester Hills had this to say, “Awesome—Island Head Watersports was a great company to parasail with. I called around the several places and they had the best experiences, reviews, and rates. We had 5 people in our group, and the Captain and crew accommodated all of us. They were so friendly and knowledgeable, and they made sure we felt safe throughout. It was a lot of fun!”
Jessica R. writes, “I want to start this review with the disclaimer that I am TERRIFIED of heights. BUT I really wanted to go on a parasailing trip with my friends, so we opted for a morning adventure. Our guides were knowledgeable and SO friendly, which put us all at ease, and the instructions and safety procedures were organized and secure. I felt very safe. Even for someone afraid of heights, I could see for miles and it was incredible.”



Reach The Parasailing Experts in Hilton Head

Island Head Watersports has a new location at 43 Jenkins Road on Hilton Head’s North End, right next to the Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort and Marina. For reservations, or to ask questions about their offered experiences, call 843.686.4386.